5 reasons you should update ExpressionEngine regularly

I find clients often defer ExpressionEngine updates in favour of spending time and budget on adding new features to their site. Many understand why its so important to update ExpressionEngine regularly, however, boss’s are usually quick to dismiss the additional cost as they don’t see the direct return on investment. This is a handy article outlining the main reasons why its important to keep ExpressionEngine up-to date.

1. Security

ExpressionEngine has a great reputation for security, which is one of the main reasons clients are initially attracted to the platform. That said, like most platforms, vulnerabilities have been discovered and exploited by hackers.

Security breaches can badly affect the reputation of a brand - Ellislab takes security very seriously, quickly addressing issues in the next release. In order for the security of your site and customers to benefit from these security fixes, its important to update ExpressionEngine regularly.

2. Bug Fixes

ExpressionEngine has millions of lines of code, even with the best quality assurance process in place its inevitable bugs will find their way into the code.

With each release of ExpressionEngine many of these bugs are squished. One more reason why updating ExpressionEngine regularly is important. 

3. Performance

Developers are always looking for ways to improve the performance of their applications, the developers at EllisLab are no exception. Updating regularly may improve the performance of your site which is great for SEO.

4. New features and enhancements

Each version of ExpressionEngine comes with a number of new features and enhancements to extend the functionality of the platform and make your life easier.

5. Its unavoidable

The web industry moves quickly, at some point in the not so far distant future that great website you had built will be running on depreciated software. Your hosting provider wants to make upgrades to your server but alas your version of ExpressionEngine isn’t compatible with the latest tech.

Thats when developers like myself normally get a call as the client desperately tries to find someone to help upgrade their site to the most current version of ExpressionEngine.

The longer its been since the last update, the more troubles are encountered and the higher the cost.

So why delay the inevitable and put a plan in place to regularly update ExpressionEngine so you can benefit from all the advatages listed above all the time.

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