5 reasons you should update ExpressionEngine regularly

I find clients often defer ExpressionEngine updates in favour of spending time and budget on adding new features to their site. Many understand why its so important to update ExpressionEngine regularly, however, boss’s are usually quick to dismiss the additional cost as they don’t see the direct return on investment. This is a handy article outlining the main reasons why its important to keep ExpressionEngine up-to date.

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9 Tips to improve the performance of your ExpressionEngine website

When talking about improving the performance of ExpressionEngine, I'm referring to optimising the speed in which the website is displayed to the user. Performance is important for several reasons; improving user-experience, better search engine rankings (search engines take site speed into account when determining rankings) and mobile users with slower internet speeds (and higher bandwidth charges). Whilst the topic can’t be covered fully in one blog post, I’ve highlighted key areas, not all of which are specific to ExpressionEngine.

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5 tips to get more traffic to your website

Increase the number of visitors to your site with these 5 easy to implement tips.

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